Sunday, December 30, 2012

January is starting off very busy with three exhibitions I am participating in , 2 have work and one I curated for the Palos Verdes Art Center. Doing Pennants is a show organized by Paul Evans that I am so happy to be part of it will be a lot of fun! Man, Machine and Nature will be at LA PRINT SPACE opening January 17th. It was recently in Detroit, am happy to have a piece in it and look forward to see the show. PRINT: Democracy in art and life I curated. Here is my statement: PRINT: democracy in art and life;
 Meaning of the multiple.

Printmaking has been considered the democratic art form for centuries. This began with the invention of the Guttenberg press during the period of the renaissance The press allowed information to be disseminated to the masses so everyone could be informed and literate, not just the wealthy and the church.

 Being a multiple made it more affordable for people to buy and permitted them to have art in their lives. People have used prints to spread their ideas, personal, political and social to broader audiences.

With this in mind I included artists for this exhibition who have embodied the idea of progress and change in their lives by their commitment to making a difference through their art, teaching, community activism, and collaboration. Some of these artists work on environmental issues, some with the disenfranchised, others work to protect animal rights. 

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